I’ve realized that while I’ve done updates on my Patreon and some on Twitter, I forgot to do an announcement post when I dropped new things.

Warlocks have gotten some love with the Gunsmith Pact.

Rogues have gotten a bit of love with the subclasses. Do you want a tech rogue? Nature rogue? a Rogue who can do some wildshaping? How about a Rogue who can tap into some divine or arcane energies in new ways?

Brawlbarians. Want to punch stuff? Want to punch stuff well? Here’s your option.

In processes is taking the OGL Bard and making it work in the Audunis setting. Its passed the vetting of one of my most trusted GM friends. The only thing I have left to finish it off is to write up the new list for its equivalent of spells. Which The Bard is the full embrace of tech, arcane, and divine. There are a few major things I’ve changed that make it work in an interesting way.
Also, I think I want to have more than one Audunis subclass for it when I drop it. The subclass I have for now is Heavy Metal. I have a few more ideas up my sleeves.

An important update: I’m currently an Essential Employee, so I’m still working. While I won’t go into a lot of details, I’ve been working more house due to those laid off.