The world of Audunis has its fair share of barbarians all in thanks to Ex, the oddly smart god of Barbarians and mad scientists. And Roman prefers to keep that distinction clear for the sake of his followers.
The people who love to charge head first against charging Dire Tigers are most likely barbarians.

The Brawlbarian
Brawlbarians are the barbarians who love to take after Ex’s primary fighting style and follow it almost like a religion. Though not as fluid as a monk, Brawlbarians can deliver devastating Punches.
Starting at 3rd level, your punches, kiicks, and other unarmed attacks deal 1d4+ STR mod damage. When you rage, your rage bonus damage is now the number of bonus 1d4s you roll when you fight unarmed.
Grapple Master
Starting at 6th level, you have advantage on all checks and saves related to grappling. Your GM might decide if this does and doesn’t apply to exceptional situations.
Your expertise in holding people and creatures also allows you to use your proficiency modifier when attacking with improvised weapons, but your GM still has final say on what you can use and the damage.
Brutal Punches
Upon reaching 10th level, you have learned how to deliver special uppercuts and sucker punches when reckless attacking. When you decide to reckless attack, you can declare that you wish to uppercut or sucker punch before making your attack roll. If you hit, the target must make a Strength saving throw, DC = 8 + your proficiency modifier + your Strength modifier. Uppercuts knock the target prone and sucker punches stun them. You can make a number of these attacks equal to your com modifier (minimum 1) and you regain all uses when you take a short or long rest.
One, Two, Throw
Upon reaching 14th level, if you connect with your first attack of your turn, you may use your bonus action before you make your second attack to attempt to grapple. If you succeed, you may use your second attack to attempt to throw the grappled target if the target is the same size as you or smaller. Treat this as a grapple check and if the target is at least one size category smaller than you, they have disadvantage. If you win, you throw them a number of feet equal to your strength score. For each size category smaller than you, throwing distance creases by your strength score again.
If you are treated as one size category larger for carrying capacity, you use that size instead of your own size for this ability. For example, if you are a medium sized creature, creatures who are medium sized would have disadvantage against this grapple check and you would throw them twice your strength score instead of just your strength score.