Equipment is important, be it a simple weapon or not.

After the largest human kingdom and largest dwarven empire fell during the Carrington Event that ruined the concurrent experiments at each location, trapping the world’s original two gods. In the chaos that ensued, the Elves helped bring balance to the world, one of which was a unified currency called Dozen (dz) which allowed banks and businesses greater ease to operate.
If you are importing items from an other source, you can use the following conversion of prices for purchasing goods:
1 copper piece (cp) = 0.01dz
1 silver piece (sp) = 0.5dz
1 gold piece (gp) = 5dz
Though, if the GM wish to have characters find old coins in out of the way locations, they have the following street value:
1cp = 0.02dz
1sp = 20dz
1 electrum (ep) = 400dz
1gp = 1,400dz
1 platinum piece (pp) = 1,620dz
Though players could search for antiques dealers, collectors, or the such and sell them for up to twice the value given with a DC 15 persuasion check to sell at 1.50 value and DC 25 for the full double value, though GMs are welcome to adjust the value the coins sell for based on where in between the two values the roll falls.

The world of Audunis has various manufacturers, all who specialize in different weapons. Each region and/or country has at least one, but goods from other areas are available, though sometimes goods run out when storms, pirates, or beasts, to name a few, cause shipments to go lost or get damaged.

The base standard is REMK, the conglomeration run by the gods Roman, Ex, Magnus, and Keith. Shortly after Roman took over the abandoned castle, he put the large underground rooms to use and had a whole manner of forges and assembly plants installed. While none of the workers live near the castle, they commute by bullet train from settlements and communities ranging from 50 to 1,00 miles away.

REMK Martial Melee Weapons
Short Sword: 50dz, Damage 1d6 Piercing
Long Sword: 75dz, Damage 1d8 Slashing, Versatile (1d10)
Great Sword: 250dz, Damage 2d6 Slashing, Heavy, Two Handed
Rapier: 125dz, Damage 1d8 Piercing, Finesse, light
Scimitar: 125dz, Damage 1d6 Slashing, Finesse, light
Machete: 25dz, Damage 1d6 Slashing, Light
Glaive: 100dz, Damage 1d10 Slashing, Heavy, Two Handed, Reach +5ft
Halberd: 100dz, Damage 1d10 Slashing, Heavy, Two Handed, Reach +5ft
Pike: 25dz, Damage 1d0 Piercing, Heavy, Two Handed, Reach +5ft
Pole Hammer: 75dz, Damage 1d0 Bludgeoning, Heavy, Two Handed, Reach +5ft
Whip: 10dz, 1d4 Slashing, Finesse, Reach +5tf
Great Whip: 30dz, Damage 2d4 Slashing, Heavy, Two Handed, Finesse (Strapped to wrist only, min STR 13), Reach +10ft
Chain Whip: 20dz, Damage 1d6 Slashing, Finess, Reach +5ft
Great Chain Whip: 75dz, Damage: 2d6 Slashing, Heavy, Two Handed, Finesse (Strapped to wrist only, min STR 15), Reach +10ft

REMK Simple Ranged Weapons
Light Pistol (9 Mil): 600dz, 1d6 Piercing, Reloading, Light, Magazine 10, Range 40/120ft
Heavy Pistol (.38): 800dz, Damage 2d4 Piercing, Reloading, Heavy, Magazine 8, Range 50/120ft
Shotgun: 200dz, Damage 1d12 Piercing, Two-handed, Heavy, Reloading, 1 Round per barrel, Special

REMK Martial Ranged Weapons
Light Revolver (.40): 700, Damage 1d8 Piercing, Reloading, Light, Cylinder 8, Range 40/120ft
Heavy Revolver (.55): 900dz, Damage 2d6 Piercing, Reloading, Heavy, Cylinder 6, Range 50/120ft
Hunting Rifle: 500dz, Damage 1d8 Piercing, Two Handed, Heavy, Reloading, Magazine 6, Range 150/500ft
Sniper Rifle: 700dz, Damage 1d10 Piercing, Two Handed, Heavy, Reloading, Magazine 5, Range 200/1000ft
Anti-Material Rifle: 1800dz, Damage 12d4 Piercing, Two-Handed, Heavy, Reloading, Minimum Range 100ft (disadvantage closer than that), range 200ft/Mile
Tactical Shotgun: 1200dz, Damage 1d12 Piercing, Two Handed, Heavy, Reloading, Magazine 6, Special
Grenade Launcher: 1400dz, Damage 3d6 Bludgeoning & Force (split 50/50, Round Bludgeoning down and Force up), Explosive, Two Handed, Heavy, Reloading, Chamber 4, Range 40/120
Rocket Launcher: 950dz, Damage 4d8 Bludgeoning & Force (split 50/50, Round Bludgeoning down and Force up), Two Handed, Heavy, Reloading, Camber 1, Range 40/120
Normal: Box of 50 rounds costs 4% the price of the base weapon price.
Explosive: Box of 50 costs 10% price of weapon. 5 foot explosive radius around impact point. Target that takes a direct hit takes full damage, all objects and creatures in radius must make a Dex save for half damage. DC= 8 + users proficiency modifier + Dex modifier + any enhancements to weapon.
Extended Range: Box of 50 costs 8% price of weapon. Rounds have higher powder yield which leads to faster moving slugs and increased range increments by half.
Armor Piercing: Box of 50 costs 8% price of weapon. Rounds are made with harder materials and ignore damage reduction and damage resistance of target. Can be added to other ammo types at an additional 10% (Adding to extended range makes price 18% of weapon), cannot be added to Explosive.
Tracer: Box of 50 costs 5% price of weapon. Each bullet glows for one round after being fired, giving dim light in a 5ft radius. Can be added to other ammo types at an additional 5%.
Stun: Each box of 50 costs 6% of base weapon price. Capacitor darts made for higher powered weapons. Deals an extra 1d8 lightning damage on a hit. Target must make a Con save or be stunned for a minute. DC = 8 + users proficiency modifier + Dex modifier + any enhancement to the gun. Stun can be added to an other ammo types at an additional 10%

REMK Armor
Physical Shield: 50dz, AC +2
Personal Shield: 800dz, Shield HP 5, Attunement Bonuses in description
Light Combat Armor: 225dz, AC = 12 + Dex modifier
Medium Combat Armor: 2000dz, AC = 14 + Dex modifier (max bonus 2)
Heavy Combat Armor: 375, AC = 16, Requires Str score of 13
Titian Armor: 7500dz, AC = 18, Requires STR 15, Stealth disadvantage, Heavy Armor
Personal Shield
A personal shield is a device, either worn on the arm, or like an ammo sash. A personal shield has 5 hit points and recharges after 10 minutes of no damage. While not requiring attunement, they do gain bonuses when attuned and using the optional quintessence rules. The shield strength is now equal to one quintessence die, typically a d6, that is maximized (a 6 when a d6)+ the appropriate modifier of the character. Higher quality shields that have the base hit points raised by 5 or more instead gain an additional quintessence die with modifier per 5 points. In addition, while attuned, the wearer can spend a bonus action and two quintessence points per die the shield has to recharge the shield by rolling one quintessence die and adding their modifier once per die they roll.
A personal shield with the Kaiser enhancement can choose to collapse their shield into an energy blade as a bonus action. The +1 bonuses that add to the shield HP now add to the attack and damage rolls of the shield. Kaiser personal shield weapons are finesse weapons and their damage die is the same as the quintessence die of the character. Some Kaiser personal shields are further enhanced so that their damage die is one higher than the quintessence die.
A shotgun is a simple weapon with multiple ammunition types. Slugs have a range of 30ft/60ft. Shot is a spray of pellets in a 15ft cone. When you use shot, targets in the cone make a saving throw instead of you making an attack roll. The targets must make a Dex save for half damage or take full damage on a failed saving throw. The DC is 8+ your proficiency modifier + your Dex modifier + any magical enhancements to the gun.
Tactical Shotgun
A tactical shotgun is a martial weapon with multiple ammunition types and holds more than 1 round. Some tactical shotguns can have the Quick Reloading property as they use a mag instead of loading extra rounds into the weapon. Tactical shotguns have the same slug and shot properties as a normal shotgun (see above).
Anti-Material Rifle
An anti-material rifle is a martial weapon that is unwieldy to fire. While it has a short range of half a mile and a long range that is 1+ miles depending upon conditions at your GM’s discretion. This weapon has disadvantage on shots with an additional -5 penalty at long range unless the weapon is set up with its bipod upon a stable surface, like a wall, or you fire it from being prone while using the bipod. Alternatively, these penalties disappear if you have a strength of 23 or higher. Due to recoil and to prevent over heating, the Anti-Material Rife can only be fired once per round.
Quick Reloading
Weapons with quick reloading property have a quick release that ejects the mag allowing you to quickly reload the weapon if you have an ammo belt with preloaded mags. If you are dual wielding two guns without the heavy property, or your other weapon is light (or normal with the dual wielding feat), you are able to pull a mag off the belt and reload this weapon while holding the other weapon as your free item interaction. Two weapons with this property could be reloaded at the same time as a bonus action.

Exotic Weapons
While we don’t recommend using exotic weapon proficiencies as a primary rule, GMs could use exotic weapon proficiency as an optional rule or keep the following weapons as martial, but require instruction by a proper master.
The most creative and damning of railgun weapons is the combination of a railgun and a shotgun. This railgun uses specialized ammunition that have an explosive charge in the middle of 12 Neodymium Tungsten alloy flechettes. Near the end of the barrel is a plasma window that sets of the explosive charge, causing the flechettes to spread out as if fired from a normal shotgun.
Cone: 5ft at barrel, 100 ft long, 15ft wide at end. Damage: 4d20. Penetration: 5ft. Special: Critical x3 dice instead of x2.
Ammunition: one high capacity battery pack, one 5 round special slug magazine. Each round costs 500 dozen and uses 1/5 of the battery pack full charge per shot.