While I’ve posted much of anything lately, I have a huge stack of things. One: Fox based race Two: New Skill system Three: Engineer is being broken into three classes due to too much bloat. It all makes 100% sense to have, so limiting the scope makes it easy to split the bloat amongst all […]

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I created a new warlock patron thanks to one of those “What class do I look like” posts and the guy looked like a warlock who thought he was a ranger. So I created that as a subclass

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I’ve realized that while I’ve done updates on my Patreon and some on Twitter, I forgot to do an announcement post when I dropped new things. Warlocks have gotten some love with the Gunsmith Pact. Rogues have gotten a bit of love with the subclasses. Do you want a tech rogue? Nature rogue? a Rogue […]

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Its been a busy month with work and needing to fix things around the house, also, I forgot to post the last update here, but did on my twitter and Patreon. Up next is the Brawlbarian! As soon as I’m done with formatting, it’ll be up, so by 7 or 8 pm EST.

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After a delay, caused by both getting a new job, and the drop of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, my release of the Cleric for the Audunis setting. The base class isn’t that different from that of the SRD. I do have a Tech Cleric to release, but I need 3rd level programs for the domain spells […]

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New subclasses! Time line for understanding the history of the world. My hand drawn map (unfinished) of the world for the sake of understanding where everything is.

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For the sake of transparency, this is as much unofficial fan content permited under the Fan Content Policy as it is OGL content. The licence of the OGL follows: Legal Information Permission  to  copy,  modify  and  distribute  the  files   collectively  known  as  the  System  Reference   Document  5.1  (“SRD5”)  is  granted  solely  through  the […]

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