While I’ve posted much of anything lately, I have a huge stack of things.

One: Fox based race

Two: New Skill system

Three: Engineer is being broken into three classes due to too much bloat. It all makes 100% sense to have, so limiting the scope makes it easy to split the bloat amongst all of the classes.

Four: New skill/proficiency optional rule system.

Five: The above system actually solved a lot of issues I was having with wanting to build my own system and break away (even if mostly) from the d20 system. I want to do a d30 full set of dice, like d20 is a full set of dice, but its easy to buy sets that are d20 full sets, d6, d8s, and d10s. This will happen last, once I’m sure I have the main setting stuff worked out.

Six: New character building set up. So currently with the system set up in 5th, you go class, species (human, dwarf, etc), sub species, and background. What I’m working on is: National, species (sub species will probably be rolled into this), and background. What this will do is where your character comes from will more greatly affect their stats. Come from the cold regions? +2 con. Come from the swamplands? Survival proficiency.